Put an individual file tailored to the project in each repo. If project repo ownership is transferred to a different team in the future, they need to be able to access and edit documentation related to the project. This includes documentation that outlines the communication processes that users should use to contact the team.

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Team Communication

Team Slack channel:

Special Slack Channels: (topic specific and accessible to anyone who would be an external contributor)

Team Email:

How to Contact Us

The following types of actions can be moved to the appropriate section and more added.

Roles and Responsibilities

Managers or roles and specific situations they should be contacted for outside the team channel.

(this is set up this way so that the document can easily be changed if there are new members on the team)

Outbound Communication

Documentation Contacts

Tell how to find the owner, responsible party, or group people should contact if they have questions about documentation in the repo.

Describe this communication process.

For example:

  • If you have questions on a specific piece of documentation, you can find the team member responsible for the information by looking here:

  • You can contact the responsible party by sending a message in the xyz channel, send them a direct message in chat, email, etc. The individual who last certified the documentation is the responsible party.

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