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You want to make this book better? That is awesome!

The InnerSource Patterns book itself is an open source project, and welcomes any form of contribution. Nothing is too small!

No matter if you want to help us fix grammar/spelling, improve the design, or contribute entirely new patterns based on the InnerSource experiences that you have made at your workplace. We love all of that! :)

If you have never made a contribution to an open source project before, know that the InnerSource Patterns community is group of friendly people and with that a safe place to try it out.

Before you get started

The sources for the InnerSource Patterns and this book are kept in a repository on GitHub. Therefore you will need a GitHub user account to make edits and suggestions to this book. If you don't have one yet, head over to and create an account for free.

Different ways to contribute

Here a few ways in which you can contribute:

  1. fix spelling, formatting, or other glitches that you notice in this book

  2. improve the content of an existing pattern (e.g. by adding a short description of how you are using a pattern as a Known Instance)

  3. contribute a new pattern, describing how you have overcome InnerSource-related challenges in your organization

For (1) and (2) above you can simply hit the Edit on GitHub link that you see at the top of each page in this book. This will take you straight to the respective file in our GitHub repository, where you can suggest your changes.

For (3) you need to clone the InnerSourcePatterns repository, and add a new file with your suggested pattern. When making such larger contributions to this book please review our and also our Contributor Handbook.

License of Contributions

The contents of this repository are licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0. By contributing to this repository, you grant us (and everyone else for that matter) the right to use your contribution in accordance with that license.

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